Penta Light and the new image

Penta Light and the new image

Light is the source that reveals the forms. In this tight relationship we have identified the details that tell how art is a timeless language.

Penta Light launches the new ADV campaign where art, graphic and industrial design merge in refined images with a strong emotional charge.

A narrative path that refers to the history of art as a source of renewed modernity, combining Penta lamps to an unexpected object, a captured one, which creates a play of references between art and design:

  • the apple of ”An Allegory with Venus and Cupid” – Bronzino,
  • the egg of ”Pendent Egg” – Piero Della Francesca,
  • the shell of ”still life with shells” – Giorgio Morandi,
  • the bird of ”Madonna del Cardellino” – Raphael,
  • the reflection effect of ” Narcissus” – Caravaggio.